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Italian nursery ornamental plants

Decorate Your Garden With Technovivai’s Italian Nursery Ornamental Plants

Technovivai was founded back in 1984 in the little village of Bizzolano, not far from the city of Mantua. From humble beginnings, Umberto and his team perfected the cultivation of seedlings, turning the native flora of northern Italy into a thriving garden supply business. Nowadays, the company is based at a much larger facility in Canneto sull’Oglio.

Spread out over 100 hectares, the nursery carefully grows over 20,000 trees every year, supplying business and individual clients alike.


Discover the Beauty of Italian Plants in the Technovivai Catalogue

Our selection of ornamental plants includes a wide range of trees and bushes, with species available in containers or separate, as customers require. Every care is taken to ensure that each individual plant is in perfect condition, ensuring seamless transplantation from our nursery to homes and public gardens across Europe.

The options in our brochure range widely as well, with all major Italian trees and bushes represented. Customers can request plants in-the-bag, or in pots, and sizes vary from tiny saplings to mature plants that are ready for planting as required. Whatever your requirements, just ask. Technovivai’s brochure will surely have options to suit your landscaping needs.


Order Exactly the Right Shrubs, Bushes and Trees from Technovivai

Technovivai’s products can be used in many climates and settings. They are ideal for creating herbaceous borders for urban gardens, for decorating large corporate properties, or adding some joy and beauty to patios and balconies.

Customers can browse through every species and sub-variety at our online store, making it easy to match up the colors and size of plants they need. And ordering is simple, as well. Just select the species, size, and storage style you desire, contact the Technovivai team, and we will organize a shipment immediately.

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