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Italian nursery ornamental plants

TECNOVIVAI has been founded in 1984 in Bizzolano, a small village near Canneto sull'Oglio, by the father Umberto. He started the cultivation of small seedling plant destined to become young trees, employed for the following transplantation.

Later the brothers Felice and Pieremilio decided to specialize their nursery in the technique of transplantation with the aim of creating what today represent the greatest district of the nursery of Canneto sull'Oglio.

It is thanks to the global market growth and specialisation in the request of trees in the last years of 1990, that TECNOVIVAI has been able to widen and develop is plantation of potted plants, moving from the most traditional techniques to the newest one (air-pot, plant in bag, ect).

The quality of the TECNOVIVAI trees is due, above all, to the great passion of brothers Felice e Pieremilio Zecchina who have had the know how to develop highly selected cultures far ahead of Europe’s.

TECNOVIVAI has always believed in the extraordinary prerogatives of the trees, and to answer punctually to market requests, it has structured the production of wide-ranging cultures and into containers. The high level of specialization of the broad-leaved has positioned TECNOVIVAI at a productive apex with the a nursery area over 100 hectars for a yearly production of 20.000 trees in container and over 150.000 wide-ranging exported also beyond the european boudaries.

Our management philosophy focus on constant improvement and investments with the purpose of offering you a high quality products and increase our ability to compete on the national and international market.

It is for all those reasons that we exhort you to contact us, and come visit our headquarter, that have been founded in 2004 in order to guarantee a high level of technical and logistics competitiveness.

We are sure you will be fully satisfied by our large range and by the high quality of our products.